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Eyebrows Threading Maidstone

Threading is an ancient Middle Eastern technique that is becoming famous in United Kingdom as well. Threading removes the entire hair follicle, lasting up to 6 weeks. An aesthetician uses a doubled-up strand of cotton thread to twist around individual hairs, and pulls them out from the roots. Technique of threading for hair removal is usually used for eyebrow shaping, upper lip, chin, forehead and sides of the face.


The discomfort from threading is similar to tweezing, but the process is much, much quicker.

Benefits of Threading:

  1. It is very sanitary process as nothing only threads of cotton touches the skin which is thrown away after use.

  2. It is quick and simple.

  3. It is completely natural, does not involve use of chemical and so does not have any side-effects.

  4. It is longer lasting compared to waxing, as it removes the hair from the root.

  5. It gives more precise shape as with threading even a single hair can be removed very easily, which is not possible with waxing.

Eyebrows Threading £9

Forehead Threading £5

Upper Lip Threading £5

Chin Threading £5

Sides of Face Threading £10

Neck Threading £5

Full Face Threading £22

Full Face & Neck Threading £25

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