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Aftercare for our treatments. Please follow accordingly to get the optimum results




After a facial treatment the skin can be a little sensitive. The following advice will ensure you continue to benefit from your treatment.




For long term results get regular monthly facials• Protect your skin in harsh climates. Like the cold and hot sun.• Drink water every day. Aim for 2ltrs.• Eat balanced meals• Get plenty of beauty sleep• Follow your home care routine.• Use the right products for your skin type• Always wear a good sunscreen – prevents ageing and protects your skin




No need to use exfoliating products for up to 72hrs after a facial•                                             Avoid heavy make-up for up to 8hrs after treatment.• Avoid smoking and alcohol

Bluesky Gel Polish


We know you will absolutely LOVE your nails while you are wearing Bluesky Gel and we expect your nails to last flawlessly for at least 14 days as long as you give them a little care and attention during that time.



Bluesky Gel is pretty indestructible with normal wear and tear, but you will need to add a little protection to your nails if doing tough jobs like household cleaning and gardening, hobbies that are rough on your hands or using harsh chemical products without wearing gloves; doing these things without protection can mar your Bluesky Gel service.



If you do happen to cause some damage to the Bluesky Gel coating and see any of the following signs, we hope you find the advice below helpful.


· ALWAYS wear gloves when doing household chores etc gardening, cleaning etc.


· If lifting or peeling is noticed please do NOT pick or pull at the lifted area, as this will cause the lifting to increase and could even damage the natural nail. Please call us on 01622 688 988 so that we can assess the nail and decide if a repair is necessary.


· If you are on holiday please be careful when using sun tan oils or insect repellent solutions as many of these products contain DEET which will cause major damage to the Bluesky Gel colour coat, as with any gel products, enhancements  or even normal nail polish. Chlorine can also affect Bluesky Gel so please ensure feet and hands are dry after swimming and before sunbathing.


· Please use Cuticle Oil at least twice a day (especially at night before going to bed).


We recommend Solar Oil which we retail at £3 which is made to be used with Shellac. Also beneficial is the use of any CND hand and body lotion daily. Regularly using CND aftercare products will substantially prolong the life of your Shellac and keep your natural nails and the skin surrounding them healthy, moisturised and flexible.


If you wish to temporarily change the colour of your nails whilst wearing Shellac you can use nail enamel over the Shellac but please be sure to use an Acetone Free Remover when removing nail polish.


Relative to your life-style and activity level, your Shellac will need fortnightly or three weekly maintenance as there will be obvious re-growth. At this point we can either re-Shellac your nails (remove existing Shellac and applying a fresh new colour) or remove the Shellac completely which takes a brief 10 minutes.


If you do decide you want to remove your Shellac please call us and let us do it safely for you. Incorrect removal at home may damage the surface of your nails. We will be able to remove Shellac using a professional remover and to give you a mini-manicure so that your natural nails look perfect.





The following home-care routine will ensure your manicure will last well and keep your hands and nails looking their best and in good condition.




Use hand cream or lotion after washing to lubricate and soften the skin.• Use a file on rough edges or split nails.• Use a richer hand cream during the winter months.• Wear protective gloves when gardening, working with chemicals and harsh climates• Rub cuticle cream into the nails and cuticles at bedtime to keep them soft & moisturised• Always apply a base coat under nail polish to protect the nails and prevent them becomingstained.• Use a good quality top coat to prevent chipping of nails• Eat health and drink plenty of water The health and strength of nails depends on a good supply of protein, iron, calcium, potassium, Vitamin B and iodine. A well-balanced diet contains all the nutrients essential for good health.• Every 2-4 weeks get a maintenance manicure




Avoid using nail polish remover too often as it has a drying effect• Do not use your finger nails as tools• Metal files should be avoided as they create heat in the nails which dries out the natural moisture and weakens them• NEVER file backwards and forwards, this can weaken, or break nails.



The following home-care routine will ensure your pedicure will last well and keep your feet and nails looking their best and in good condition.




Wear open toed shoes when getting a pedicure; so your nail colour doesn’t get ruined.• Get regular pedicures to keep nails clean and tidy and looking stunningly beautiful.• Rub cuticle cream into the nails and cuticles at bedtime to keep them soft• The feet should be washed at least once a day, finishing with a cold rinse. Dry the skin well, particularly between the toes.• Scrubbing the feet briskly with a small firm brush not only helps to clean them but also stimulates the blood circulation and has an invigorating effect on the feet. Do this after thefeet have been washed (shower).• Excessively sweaty feet should be wiped twice a day with surgical spirit or cologne which has a cooling astringent effect on the skin. This should be followed by a liberal dusting of foot powder.• Hard skin can be treated at home following a bath or shower with a pumice stone or callous file. Soften the treated area afterwards by massaging in a medicated foot cream or body lotion.• Keep nails trimmed and filed to prevent splits and infections.




Avoid using nail polish remover too often as it has a drying effect• Metal files should be avoided as they create heat in the nails which dries out the natural moisture and weakens them• NEVER file backwards and forwards, this can weaken, or break nails.


Massage & Body Treatments


After your treatment your body and mind is relaxed. To gain maximum benefit from your treatment it is recommended you read and follow the aftercare advice sheet.


• Drink plenty of water after your treatment. This helps with dehydration, lost fluids, reduces soreness, reduces fatigue and helps eliminate toxins from your body.


• Avoid alcohol, smoking, tea and caffeine at least 12hrs after treatment as they can have a dehydrating effect on the body.


• Avoid heavy spicy meals after the treatment. Eat a light meal so the body can concentrate on natural healing and encourage detoxification.


• Avoid strenuous activity• For long term results book in for regular treatments and use the home care products prescribed.• Please support your body with a healthy diet and regular exercise


• Please avoid bathing or showering until the following day ( additional tightening and inch loss occurs for up to 12 hours)• Sometimes people experience some soreness for 24 hours or so after a massage. If you do feel sore or think that you might, stretch gently in a hot shower or take a warm bath .And remember to tell your massage therapist about your experience so it can be taken into consideration in your next session.


Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting


1. No touching or Rubbing the eyes immediately after treatment.

2. If redness or irritation occurs, apply a damp cotton wool compress

3. Effects will start to diminish within 4-6 weeks as hair grows out

4. Strong sunlight will make effects fade faster

5. Avoid washing your hair or swimming for 24hrs as it can take the colour out.

6. No mascara for 24hrs

7. Eyelash colour will last four to six weeks and eyebrow colour 2 -4 weeks

8. Can get the treatment done again after 6 weeks


Spray Tan


Showering/Bathing: Taking a bath or shower immediately after the airbrush session is not advisable. You will have to give the tanning lotion enough time to be absorbed by the skin. You should wait at least 8 hours after the treatment before showering/bathing.


Perspiring: You will need to avoid excessive perspiration after the session for as long as possible. Practising a sport that causes excessive perspiring immediately after the spray session is not advisable.


Moisturising: To prolong your tan, you should apply moisturiser daily to the tanned skin.


Exfoliating: It is recommended that you gently pad the skin dry with a towel after bathing or showering, and your exfoliation routine should be reduced to once a week.


Before• a patch test is recommended if you have never used any self-tanning products before or if you have sensitive skin• Do not use any other self tanning products 1 week before treatment• wax or shave at least 24 hours prior to treatment• on the day of your treatment do not wear any makeup, deodorant, perfume, body oils or lotions as these may react with the tanning agents. 


After• Immediately after your treatment:• wear loose clothing• keep skin completely dry, avoid water contact• do not apply any products over the developing tan• allow tan to develop for at least 6/8 hours (overnight if possible)• avoid other beauty/hair treatments whilst tan is developing• avoid activities that make you perspire• drink hot beverages through a straw or avoid whilst tan is developing as contact with a hotcup can strip colour from around your mouth. toothpaste can also strip colour while your tan develops.


After your tan has developed:• rinse off remaining colour guide with warm/hot water. once the water runs clear gently wash yourself with mild soap.• avoid products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA's) as they can strip colour.• avoid swimming pools as chlorine will prematurely fade your tan. For the best results exfoliate before and after.






Exfoliate waxed area, start 2 days after. Do this 2-3 times a week to prevent ingrown hairs.• Routine waxing helps the skin get accustomed to the procedure and may minimize irritation.• Moisturise daily. Helps with irritation, flaking and prevention of ingrown hairs.• Dry brushing the waxed area with a mitt or loofer before the shower is essential.




Avoid direct sunlight – skin is prone to hyper pigmentation if in the sun after waxing.• Avoid saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and other heated sources for at least 48 hours.• Avoid heavy exercise for at least 24hrs after waxing. Sweat is a breeding ground for bacteria.• Avoid tight clothing. Can irate and cause ingrown hairs.• No hot baths, hot showers or sexual activity for 10 hours after a Brazilian. While your pores are open, they are vulnerable to irritation by the extreme temperatures and infection by bacteria.• Make-up should not be applied to the area until 12hrs after waxing.


Male waxing: Men tend to have courser, curlier and thicker hair than women. Men can experience small pimples or rash that lasts for a few days after waxing. Usually on the chest, back and groin area. This is caused by bacteria that enter the open follicle, before and after perspiration.


•What are in grown hairs and what can I do to prevent them?


Ingrown hairs form when dry skin cells block the surface opening for hairs growing back after shaving, waxing, electrolysis or any other form of hair removal. Failing to grow out of the skin, the hairs curl inside the follicle underneath the skin and the resulting foreign body reaction causes an unsightly infectious bump. Both women and men suffer from ingrown hairs. To prevent ingrown hairs from forming you must follow the appropriate homecare advice:


Exfoliation: Removes the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. A coarse dry body mitt can be used on dry skin after waxing before showering each day. Drybrushing is a must. This needs to be done at least 2-3 times weekly, start 2 days after your waxing treatment