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Deep Tissue Massage

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage (90min) £65

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage (60min) £45

Back, Neck & Shoulders Deep Tissue Massage (30min) £25

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Deep Tissue Massage


The Deep Tissue Massage we offer here at our Salon in Maidstone, Kent, is unique, tailored to your needs. Our Therapists are experts at combining techniques to relieve and dispose of uncomfortable Muscular Tension during this form massage.


Ideal for relieving the source of your tension, whether it is caused by Sports, Posture, Stress, Injury or Muscle Gain. A Deep Tissue Massage will gradually (not painfully!) soften crunchy shoulders, strengthen and lengthen tired or overworked muscles and leave you feeling revitalized, at ease and with a freer posture.

How it Works

Deep Tissue Massage works by slowly penetrating the layers of muscle tissue, to reach and relieve Deep Muscular Tension, quite often the cause of chronic pain, poor posture or restricted mobility. An Experienced Massage Therapists will warm your Muscles first using Swedish Massage, they may ask you to perform some movements in order to trace the pattern of tension throughout the body down the trains of fascia and locate 'problem areas'. The Therapist will then use a combination of Deep Tissue Massage Techniques, such as NMT, MFR, Frictions, Muscles Stripping, STR, CTM, PNF and Muscle Energy Techniques, gradually working Deeper to work away ‘surface tension’ and reach the ‘knots’ or adhesions that lie beneath, often in the back, neck, shoulders, legs, pecs and glutes.

The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

The Deep Tissue Massage will help relieve tension deep within the muscles. Tense muscles can restrict oxygen and nutrients and lead to swelling and a build up of toxins, Deep Tissue Massage drains excess fluid and encourages the blood and lymph circulate effectively by releasing hard tension caused by tightened and knotted muscles fibres, ligaments or tendons and a build up of fascia, the connective tissue that can gather and tighten around tense areas. It is particularly important to ensure you drink plenty of water after a Deep Tissue Massage, you may also be advised to do some stretches to help correct any postural problems.

Deep Tissue Massage is also effective at lengthening ‘short muscles’, often represented as tight hamstrings or pectorals which can be the cause of further postural problems. Not only can Deep Tissue Massage offer instant relief, some people comment on feeling 'lighter' and 'free-er', relieving symptoms of pain, poor posture, lack of mobility, tightness in the muscles and stress. It is both corrective and relaxing.


When Deep Tissue Massage is not advised:

If you have any of the health conditions in the list below, Deep Tissue Massage is not appropriate.


Do not proceed with Deep Tissue Massage if you have:

Heart Disease; Rheumatoid Arthritis (Osteoarthritis is OK); Inflammatory Spinal Conditions such as Spondylitis; Severe Respiratory Disorders; Cerebral Palsy; Diabetes; Epilepsy; Very High Blood Pressure; Recent Injury such as Whiplash or tear; or if you are Pregnant.


We will normally offer a much gentler form of Massage Therapy as an alternative for you, there are some conditions where even gentle massage may not be suitable.


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