Sports Massage

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Sports Massage


Sports Massage is growing in notoriety as more and more people are turning to Sports Massage therapists to treat sports injuries. Sports massage is not strictly a holistic therapy as it does specifically treat individual physical problems rather than focusing on the whole person. Sports Massage can be used to help aid recovery and enhance performance for an individual.


A Sports Massage therapist must have a detailed knowledge of the muscular and skeletal systems as well as general physiology or anatomy. It is through understanding these systems, exercise and the person that the therapist is able to so effectively treat people. Because of this Sports Massage therapy is being integrated into many fields of professional sporting and athletic training.


But you do not having to be training for a marathon to benefit from a Sports Massage. Sports Massage can benefit most people, especially if you have an injury caused through overusing the muscles. As overuse of muscles can cause damage to muscles and tissues in the body, left unchecked this can reduce your performance or cause lasting pain. Through effective Sports Massage these problems can be overcome, and you can carry on as you were.


During a Sports Massage the therapist will use oils to reduce friction on the skin as with almost all massage therapy. Aromatherapy oils can also be used to enhance the experience and add a new depth to the treatment.


Everyone receiving a Sports Massage will undergo a consultation first in order to identify the needs of the individual and a program planned out based upon it. A skilled Sports Massage therapist should be able to identify the ideas that need the most attention and focus on them. Sports Massage keeps you healthier and is also a very relaxing and therapeutic for of massage therapy.


Some of the benefits of Sports Massage are detailed below:

Reduce stress and tension
Address specific injuries and physical problems
Reduce muscle tension
Enhance physical performance

What we can do and how

Relax tight muscles to Increase suppleness. 
Muscles may be tight due to the presence of old deep scar tissue that is very difficult to heal without assistance. Warming up and stretching with the assistance and feedback of a therapist is potentially far more effective than doing so alone. Combining massage with assisted stretching will alleviate the problem and the benefits can appear immediately. 


Aid injury recovery. 
Accidents happen. A common consequence may be a Strained Tendon or Sprained Muscle. These need the immediate attention of a First-aider but afterwards there is a recovery period that may last months depending on the severity of the injury. A daily treatment of Swelling management by Thermotherapy will greatly increase the rate of healing by removing damaged scar tissue and replacing it with nutrient rich blood supplies to promote new growth. Followed by a program of massage and stretching full use of the muscle/tendon can be returned much quicker than with rest alone. 


Prepare for exercise. 
Warming up before exercise is vital for preventing injury and cramp. A 10-15 massage warming up the muscles to be worked during exercise or most used during sport can greatly reduce the risk of injury. 


Relax after exercise. 
Hard anaerobic exercise will produce a great deal of Lactic acid and this in turn causes muscle damage. If the muscle group has been over-exercised then the pain caused by Lactic acid damage will last several days and may deter further visits to the gym. The Lactic acid can be removed by gentle post exercise massage which maintains the oxygen supply to the affected area and encourages relaxation.