Afro Hair Relaxing

Benefits of Relaxer Treatments on Afro or Curly Textured Hair


  • Straighten afro hair

  • Smooth afro or curly textured hair

  • Soften your afro hairstyle

  • Make afro and curly hair less tangled

  • Manage your afro hairstyle easier

  • Reduce styling time spent on your afro or multi textured hair


When relaxing afro hair, we take many factors into consideration such as;

  • What afro curl type are you?

  • How long is your afro or multitextured hair?

  • What is the condition of your afro hair?

  • Is your afro or multi textured hair suitable for a relaxer?

  • How would you like your afro hair to look after the relaxer? What hairstyle is on your wish list?

  • What is your home haircare routine like?

Hair Relaxing with Wash & Blowdry

(includes Conditioning Treatment)       

SPECIAL OFFER £45 ( Was £50)

Hair Relaxing with Wash, Cut & Blowdry

(includes Conditioning Treatment)       

SPECIAL OFFER £55 ( Was £60)

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